Two-way Voice

Communicating with an Affiliated Monitoring operator via two-way voice

An easy-to-install two-way voice monitoring system provides a great way for your subscribers to communicate with Affiliated Monitoring's monitoring associates. When an alarm is triggered, our trained associates can immediately speak with the subscriber; there's no need for the subscriber to get to a home phone. A single unit can cover a house as large as 2500 square feet. You can add extension units for subscribers with larger locations.

Your subscribers will appreciate the benefits of a two-way voice system:

  • Hands-free operation: The subscriber needn't be tethered to a phone to talk with the monitoring operator.
  • Constant contact: The operator stays in constant voice contact with the subscriber until help arrives.
  • Reduce false alarms: Alarm verification reduces false alarms, potentially saving your subscribers from costly fines. With two-way voice, the operator will request a special code to confirm that an authorized user set off the alarm. (If the operator hears noise or movement, the authorities will still be dispatched.)
  • Intruder deterrent: If the subscriber reports an intruder, the operator will attempt to scare them away, notifying them that the authorities have been dispatched.
  • Reduce panic: In a panic situation, the operator passes on information that they hear to the police. The operator continues to listen until the police arrive.
  • Fire safety: The operator will ask the occupants to convey their location and pass the information on to the fire department. The operator will also advise the occupants to stay beneath the smoke.
  • Medical emergency: The operator can gather information about the customer's condition and communicate it to paramedics.
  • Dedicated Staff: Only operators with special training respond to two-way alarms.
  • No privacy concerns: Two-way voice communications must be initiated by the subscriber. The monitoring center cannot eavesdrop.