Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Why did my alarm go off?

When your alarm is triggered you need to know what is happening as soon as possible, no matter where you are.

With InView Video Alerts your security system works with your video surveillance system so that whenever an alarm event occurs you'll be able to see exactly what happened right on any smartphone or tablet.

How It Works

Alarm is triggered.

Signal received.

Text message or email with video clip is sent.

A sensor from your alarm system, like a door contact or motion sensor, is activated. The InView servers instantly find the video clip of the event from the appropriate camera at your location. You receive a link on your phone to view the video clip.


  • Video clips are sent instantly after an alarm event occurs
  • Video clips are viewable on any web enabled smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Choose between email or text message Video Alerts
  • No software downloads are necessary
  • Video clips are stored on secure servers for easy access in the future