Web and Mobile Applications

Checking MaxNet Mobile from a cellphone

Web and Mobile Applications

The Affiliated portal (portal.affiliated.com) provides robust account management and reporting capabilities for partners. Partners can view and modify account information, including subscriber information, zones, agency information contact lists and response processes. The portal also includes real-time and summary reports of subscriber and alarm history information.

A mobile optimized version of the portal is accessible from any Smartphone or tablet and includes access to Affiliated's proprietary RealStream™ technology. RealStream allows security integrators to place an account on test, view test signals and take an account off test, all in minutes and without ever having to call Affiliated.

Affiliated also hosts a secure subscriber web portal that allows subscribers to view detailed account information and alarm activity. Subscribers can use this self-service portal to update basic account and emergency contact information.

Account Management API

For partners with an existing CRM or order processing system who need deeper integrations with Affiliated, we provide an API for adding and deleting accounts. The SOAP web service API is built using web service standards that simplify integration and assure security and reliability.

The API provides real-time status reporting and error handling. Successfully received records can be live in our systems within seconds. Account information that can be passed via the API includes:

  • Subscriber information: Account number, name, address and contact information for the subscriber.
  • Zones: Zone numbers and types (e.g., burglar, fire).
  • Contact Lists: Name, phone, email and contact instructions for emergency contacts.
  • Agencies: Affiliated will automatically determine agency information based on subscriber location.

Alarm Signal API

Affiliated Monitoring has developed a unique capability to receive alarm signals from smart, cloud-based devices via our Alarm Signal API. With this API, any device that can communicate with a web service can trigger a response from an Affiliated monitoring agent. This API is currently being tested with devices such as smart smoke detectors, medication reminders and mobile PERS devices.