Affiliated Can Email or Text You Important Information

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Affiliated Can Email or Text You Important Information

Dealers can choose to receive emails or text messages from us when customers have an alarm condition. We find that dealers prefer email and text because phone calls often catch them at an inconvenient time and no record exists to remind them that we called. By signing up to receive alerts via email or text you can be notified in any situation and have a permanent record of the event. This lets you provide quick turnaround to your customers.

You can receive alerts on any of the following signals:

Burglar Alarms

Fire Alarms

Medical Alarms

Supervisory Signals

Trouble Signals

Opening/ Closing Signals

Test Timers


Remember, this service is also available to you free of charge and can be a great RMR up sell opportunity. 



Please call our dedicated Affiliated Account Management team today at 800-296-9000 to quickly enroll in this service.