Up and Running Faster with Expert Guidance and Support

At Affiliated, onboarding is a simple, thoughtful experience that acquaints you with each of our functions. As your partner for years to come, we put you on the right path from the start. Chosen for their broad technical and industry knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, our onboarding specialists possess the ability to uncover business opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

How We Do It


A deep dive by your dedicated account and technical resources team to analyze your existing processes, systems and tech stack. This can be done in person or virtually. At the end of this stage, you will have a better understanding of the account structure and know how long the migration process will take. Weekly momentum meetings are also scheduled to keep everyone on track.


All team members on both sides are given access to our customized project management tool. This ensures consistent communication, accountability, and becomes a secure repository for data and items discussed.


Your onboarding team works closely with you to identify and create your custom monitoring workflows. First, you’ll provide Affiliated with a sample set of account and signal data. Then, our team parses through it and structures a data file for mass upload. That file gets loaded into Affiliated’s beta environment for review and confirmation. Following data validation audits and approval, the data is then pushed to the Affiliated production environment.


Key members of your team will receive training on our partner tools and the Affiliated Portal. The Portal is a robust web and mobile-based software tool that has all the information needed to manage your accounts and business as a whole.


On the go live date, the dedicated Affiliated team will be on site to support you and your team through the initial transition. Our team will also analyze the signal traffic to make sure it is received properly and the monitoring process is being observed.

Going forward, your own team can easily add new accounts through the Affiliated Portal or our API, so they adhere to the same structure and setup.

Migrating Accounts is Simple with Affiliated’s Transfer Program

Is your current monitoring center lacking the support you need? Are their integrations and technology platforms holding you back? Transferring accounts to Affiliated Monitoring is easy with our dedicated onboarding team!

  • Heavy lifting handled by your dedicated team: tech and signal setup, data migration, QA, reporting, training and more
  • Aggressive transfer incentives
  • Monitoring offering tailored to your customer requirements
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