January 24, 2020

Enabling Growth for a Large Residential & Commercial Alarm Company

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When a major, well-known provider of alarm systems in both the residential and commercial space found itself needing to support additional growth, working with Affiliated was the natural choice even though they maintain multiple monitoring centers to monitor the majority of their customers.

The Partner’s Challenge
As the company expanded, and as the security space within their target verticals became increasingly competitive, the company began hitting capacity limits in their existing monitoring centers, which coincided with an increase in costs to expand infrastructure and develop new offerings. The partner, which had relationships with multiple third-party monitoring providers, was disappointed with the varied customer and partner experience.

The Affiliated Solution
Affiliated’s onboarding specialists began by working hand-in-hand with the company’s executive management team to analyze all existing monitoring solutions, unearthing numerous cost savings and delivering expanded customer opportunities.

Our data analysts performed thorough reviews of the company’s subscriber dataset, eliminating a significant number of inconsistencies and errors that had previously impacted performance negatively. Accounts were seamlessly transferred to Affiliated, and the partner was able to realize measurable cost savings, creating bandwidth to pursue aggressive growth strategies.

The Result
While this customer continues to maintain their own monitoring operation, they are no longer challenged with capacity and performance issues. Today, Affiliated monitors tens of thousands of commercial and residential accounts for this partner.