February 19, 2020

Improving Profitability & Service for a Leading PERS Provider

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The PERS marketplace is very competitive—successful providers must combine quality customer care and impeccable monitoring, all while carefully managing the bottom line. A nationally recognized, top five provider of PERS & Mobile PERS equipment chose Affiliated to help them get to the next level of success.

The Partner’s Challenge
The partner was using a variety of third-party monitoring contractors to provide services to end users. However, they found that the companies they utilized were not only expensive but could not provide a consistent, high-quality experience to their clients, who were sensitive to the interactions they encountered when activating their system. Additionally, there was excessive overhead generated in the management of multiple monitoring providers and their corresponding customers.

The partner also identified that its monitoring providers were not equipped to integrate new mPERS products in needed timelines, and when resources would become available, deadlines were routinely missed or integration requirements did not meet specifications.

The Affiliated Solution
Affiliated began by assigning dedicated engineering resources to analyze and document the variety of devices and protocols utilized by the partner. A thorough analysis of the partner’s reporting and device management requirements was launched, identifying not only previously missed specifications but highlighting additional gains the partner had not previously contemplated.

In very short order—less than 3 weeks—Affiliated was able to fully support the partner’s full suite of PERS & mPERS devices, modifying our existing API library to meet their unique needs. These changes more tightly integrated with the partner’s CRM, exceeding mandated reporting requirements, data transmissions and validation, and event workflows.

The Result
Today, Affiliated monitors many tens of thousands of PERS & mPERS systems for this partner.

Through the use of our proprietary geolocation-based PSAP-lookup system and ASAP-to-PSAP integrations, Affiliated is able to dispatch emergency responders more quickly and accurately than their previous monitoring providers, enhancing the overall customer experience. We are continuously performing development projects in the support of new devices and related platforms that this partner launches as they become ready for market.