Workers Exposed to Higher Risk Conditions Need Someone to Have Their Back

From social workers visiting clients and real estate agents on their own to contractors in compromising environmental conditions, Affiliated has the experience and technology to ensure their protection. With support for every major lone worker device and the ability to seamlessly integrate new offerings, securing your most valuable resources with Affiliated is simple.

Live Agent Monitoring
TMA Monitoring Center of the Year Winner

Depend on our Five Diamond-certified, professional monitoring specialists as an extension of your team. Our highly selective recruitment process is supported by months of classroom and situational awareness training.

Continuing education professionals and mentoring leaders constantly ensure that you, and more importantly, your customers are receiving award-winning service. Learn More
Lone Worker Support
Whether your business requires emergency dispatch, journey monitoring or mandated check-in, we will have solutions for you. Utilizing proprietary location services, fall detection, and two-way voice, our systems and specialists identify your worker's location and needs to direct the appropriate response.
Business Intelligence
Unlock subscriber data to run your business smarter with our full suite of reporting and event notification tools. Tap into event activity and macro-level user trends to make informed business decisions. Quickly gain insights for your whole team with our Reporting API, web Portal and mobile apps. Learn More
API Connectivity
Quickly and easily leverage our powerful monitoring platform with minimal development time and resources. Integrate your hardware or software, and receive event signal traffic, account data, and activity reporting instantly with our platform. Learn More
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