Optimize Your Customer Communication Strategy

Designed to make communicating with modern customers a turnkey process. Stella allows you to reduce operator interventions and false alarms and simplify inbound and outbound activities by including Virtual Voice, machine learning technology, mobile messaging, and end-user applications.


Alarm monitoring tailored to the reality of how people live their lives. When an event occurs, authorized contacts will receive real-time SMS notification. They can quickly reply to cancel an alarm or request emergency services, entirely over SMS.

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Live Agent Monitoring

Live Agent Monitoring goes hand in hand with our Stella platform of communication tools to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Depend on our Five Diamond-certified, professional monitoring specialists as an extension of your team. Our highly selective recruitment process is supported by months of classroom and situational awareness training.

Continuing education professionals and mentoring leaders constantly ensure that you, and more importantly, your customers are receiving award-winning service.
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Intelligent Virtual Voice

Users demand faster, simpler ways to engage with monitoring centers to acquire information and resolve issues. Add the power of a natural, intuitive, self-service, conversational IVR that customers will actually use and prefer and non-emergency events.


Priority group chat for your PERS and Connected Health customers. Predetermined caregivers or supervisors will receive an instant group notification when an alert occurs that allows for live chat and real-time updates of activity as it occurs. The “On My Way” button brings peace of mind in an emergency situation.


This proprietary set of mobile and desktop applications allows your power users to have more insight into their accounts. Brand the app with your own logo, and allow your customers to review activity history, manage contact lists, and even place accounts on test.

Machine Learning

Stella is continuously learning. Intuitive reductions in operator interventions and false alarms save you time and money. We’ve implemented advanced learning algorithms to communicate the right information at the right time to your internal and external clients.

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