The First UL® Listed Video
Monitoring Center Partner

From residential video verification to complex, interactive video solutions for high value commercial and enterprise applications, Affiliated is the most capable strategic partner to security integrators and surveillance companies across North America. Our teams of video monitoring specialists, engineers, and compliance officers will guide you in providing elegant monitored video solutions.

Video Verification

Our simplest offering: basic video review in response to conventional alarm events. Reduce false alarms by verifying activity using live or recorded video. Integrate cameras, NVRs or DVRs with conventional intrusion and alarm systems to generate a new recurring revenue stream while reducing false alarms and improving customer confidence.

On-Demand Video Security

Integrate your video monitoring solution with a wearable pendant or traditional alarm to allow your users to request help or get verified assistance from the “eye in the sky” in an emergency. Ideal for low traffic or high risk retail operations, overnight shifts or lone worker situations.

Video Analytics

Use cutting edge analytics and AI technology to generate alarms that our highly trained video monitoring specialists can assess and respond to. Trigger alarms using everything from line crossing, crowd movement, left behind objects, perimeter detection and more.

Two Way Audio & Talkdown

Operators interacting with video can listen and provide proactive talkdown engagement. Combine with video to stop problems before they arise. Affiliated’s specialists utilize intercoms, speakers and other audio equipment to interact with your client sites in real time.

Video Guard Tours

Provide a valuable service to your customers and save them money on hiring personnel. Use scheduled, semi-randomized, or random site checks and video tours to detect unwanted or undesirable conditions at client locations in the absence of an alarm or live guard.

Affiliated has the distinct honor of being recognized with three awards from The Monitoring Association (TMA):
Monitoring Center of the Year, Manager of the Year, and
Operator of the Year.
Wide Area Monitoring

Affiliated has the experts to help you build interactive video monitoring solutions tailored to large, challenging environments, including automobile dealerships, construction sites, public plazas, sporting arenas and other semi-public areas that are difficult to secure. Our talented video monitoring specialists are ready to help you secure even the most problematic sites.

Video Escorts

Utilize Affiliated video security specialists to monitor vulnerable employees when arriving, leaving or at other high-risk times. Manually trigger live video monitoring on premises to provide peace of mind or assistance to workers and high value customers.

Virtual Doorman & Concierge

Provide video support to verify visitors and unlock doors, vehicle gates, or other access control devices. Visitor management, package deliveries, tenant notification—all of the benefits of a dedicated virtual doorman for your property management customers at a fraction of the cost.

Incident Reporting

For commercial and enterprise customers with security teams already in place, Affiliated can provide detailed incident reports documenting video alarms, activity and the response with visual evidence and event analysis. These incident reports are regularly used as evidence for insurance claims and law enforcement proceedings.

Platforms & Technology

Our custom integration with the Immix CS Enterprise Video Platform supports hundreds of different video systems and standards. Partner with our engineers and monitoring specialists to integrate almost any camera or NVR for live agent monitoring and response.

We’ve partnered with to seamlessly monitor their residential and commercial video technology. This native integration into our monitoring automation platform is quick to set up and allows you to add an additional RMR channel.

Affiliated’s integration with the I-View Now platform allows you to pair inexpensive cameras from supported alarm panels and video systems with conventional alarm signals to provide seamless video verification services to your small commercial and residential users.

Our integration with CHeKT’s platform allows our Partners to quickly bring visual verification to new and existing systems with feature-rich and robust monitoring along with health & maintenance capabilities.

Affiliated’s two video-enabled monitoring centers in New Jersey and Texas are fully mirrored and redundant—your video signals will be handled promptly and capably every time.

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