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Partnering with Affiliated offers you decades of life safety monitoring experience, software engineering talent and strategic consulting services. No matter how simple or complex your product or requirements are, Affiliated’s inspired approach ensures that we can quickly and economically integrate your IoT devices into our ecosystem.

Why Live Agent Monitoring?
In many situations, customers can do everything they need using technology—most interactions can be completed through smart device apps or even voice response and control.

However, sometimes the touch of a real, live human can make the difference between an unhappy customer and an evangelist for life.

Affiliated specializes in providing live agent response and monitoring for a variety of IoT applications, including automobile crash response, environmental monitoring solutions and connected health devices. Learn More About Live Agent Monitoring
Platform & Facility Redundancy
Our monitoring centers are the backbones of the security and life safety systems they power. That's why Affiliated's monitoring centers are 100% redundant and load-sharing. Both of our UL Listed, TMA Five Diamond Certified and FDNY Approved monitoring centers are built, staffed and maintained to meet and exceed the stringent standards for uptime, redundancy and customer service.
Stella Customer Engagement Platform
Our multi-channel communication platform is designed to interact with your customers and solve their modern needs. Stella allows you to add Virtual Voice, machine learning technology, mobile messaging and end-user applications to your suite of product offerings. Learn More
Concierge Video Solutions
Live agent monitoring is more than just a phone call—our robust monitoring platform supports a variety of rich multimedia content. Half or full duplex audio can be presented via IP, SIP, or POTS; multiple video clips or streams can be reviewed by our agents during an event response. We can also share telemetry from your device to first responders or other parties. Learn More
Business Intelligence
Unlock subscriber insights to run your business smarter with our full suite of reporting and event notification tools. Tap into event activity and macro-level user trends to make informed business decisions. Quickly gain insights for your whole team with our Reporting API, web Portal and mobile apps. Learn More
API Integrations
Quickly and easily leverage our powerful monitoring platform with minimal development time and resources. Integrate your hardware or software, and receive event signal traffic, account data, and activity reporting instantly with our platform. For situations where you cannot work with our API ecosystem, our dedicated team of integration engineers can quickly build custom software layers to integrate with your existing platforms. Learn More
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