No Compromises: Easy Integration. Developer Flexibility. Enterprise Scalability.

Integrate your hardware, software, event signal traffic and account data streams, and receive activity reporting instantly by tapping into our APIs. Have a new product? Reach out to let us know your specific requirements.

Alarm & Signaling

Send us both informational messages as well as emergency events. You can include a virtually limitless combination of data, including items like location, type of emergency, user demographics, telehealth information or even image and audio data.

Account Data

Programmatically add, remove or make changes to accounts, users and devices. Integrations are possible with accounting systems, supply chain and device management, connectivity providers and more.


Automatically populate your systems with valuable metrics and details about the activity and behavior of your users. Information like utilization rates, types of events, customer requests and much more can be pushed into your CRM, BI, ERP and accounting systems.


A standardized and secure interface gives partners and manufacturers control of device specific functions, real-time signal streams and status updates for supported IoT, life safety and security systems.

Custom Applications

Have a new product or service? Quickly add custom client-facing resources, integrate third-party services or tap into your own app. Design, build and scale APIs for web and mobile apps in weeks instead of months.
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