Trained Monitoring Specialists Responding to the Most Demanding Protocols

When failure isn’t an option, and time is of the essence, HVAC, Commercial Builders, and other environmental solution providers turn to Affiliated. Monitor and maintain your facilities with 24/7 real-time offsite monitoring by partnering with Affiliated.

Live Agent Monitoring

Live Agent Monitoring goes hand in hand with our Stella platform of communication tools to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Depend on our Five Diamond-certified, professional monitoring specialists as an extension of your team. Our highly selective recruitment process is supported by months of classroom and situational awareness training.

Continuing education professionals and mentoring leaders constantly ensure that you, and more importantly, your customers are receiving award-winning service.
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Stella Customer Engagement Platform

Make sure key team members are in the know with our customizable platform of automation tools that combines efficiency, customer experience and best practices.

Stella allows you to add Virtual Voice, machine learning technology, mobile messaging and end-user applications to your suite of product offerings.

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We Adopt and Monitor Any Existing Hardware

If it has a connected sensor, Affiliated will monitor it. We can accept environmental data in almost any format and over any communications network—IP, cellular, wireless and even dial-up connection. Our extensible API can consume any kind of environmental metrics including temperature, humidity, light level, barometric pressure and more.

API Connectivity

Regardless of the complexity of your solution, integrating with the Affiliated Monitoring platform couldn’t be easier. Easily leverage live agent monitoring with minimal development time and resources. Integrate your hardware or software, and receive event signal traffic, account data, and activity reporting instantly with our platform.

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