January 24, 2020

Supporting a New Entrant to the Security Vertical

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For companies that already have a direct relationship with a wide variety of end users, there is often an opportunity to diversify product offerings while strengthening the relationship with the customer AND increasing profitability.

When a well-known provider of energy and associated services with a national footprint decided that it wanted to enter the security space as part of its broader diversification strategy, they chose Affiliated to be their partner to help them formulate a plan to offer the sales, service, installation, and monitoring of residential and commercial alarm customers.

The Partner’s Challenge
As a new entrant into the security business, the partner engaged with and vetted numerous third-party monitoring providers. The partner received proposals for monitoring that ranged from confusing to baffling, and none of the contacted vendors could help the partner understand the vagaries and complexity of the security business outside of monitoring, such as marketing techniques, licensing rules, and equipment or platform options to name a few.

The Affiliated Solution
Affiliated’s experienced executive leadership team immediately began working closely with the partner’s management team to help them navigate the industry landscape and avoid potential pitfalls prior to launching.

We referred the partner to our suite of trusted vendors and industry colleagues and assisted in the creation of an aggressive marketing and deployment strategy. In cooperation with Alarm.com, we built a seamless, automated customer on-boarding process that ensured the delivery of uniform data sets to all applicable systems without the need for manual intervention.

An item of special note: Affiliated supported the partner using its exhaustive licensing knowledge and credential portfolio. Affiliated has an in-house credentialing team and maintains licenses in all requisite jurisdictions. Our team additionally supported the partner in obtaining the credentials they required in each target market.

The Result
Today, Affiliated monitors tens of thousands of residential and commercial security systems for this partner. Growth has been robust, and the partner considers this program to be a successful addition to their larger portfolio.