Affiliated Expands Automated Dispatch to Houston

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Affiliated Expands Automated Dispatch to Houston

Houston is the latest area where Affiliated has successfully started dispatching with the new cutting-edge “ASAP to PSAP” protocol. 

Richmond, Va., Cary, N.C., and Washington, D.C., were among the first areas to implement it. Our automation system now sends the vital data digitally making sure dispatch agencies receive accurate information. This cuts down on errors from agency dispatchers hearing the information wrong or making entry errors, and also speeds up their processing time.

Richmond’s 911 system was one of the first public safety access points, or PSAPs, to implement the new system, and so far has processed more than 25,000 alarms on the platform.

As more areas and states develop the interfacing to allow this next generation of alarm processing, Affiliated is ready, and your customers will experience faster, more reliable emergency response.

Please call Account Management at 800.296.9000 with any questions about this exciting new technology.