Affiliated Simplifies Dealer Portal Zone Entry Method

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Affiliated Simplifies Dealer Portal Zone Entry Method

Putting accounts on line or updating zone lists is quicker and easier with our new, simplified zone entry process.

Going forward, for all of your Contact ID and SIA format accounts, all you will need to provide are the zone points and descriptions. If the dispatch instructions and events match your template, they will automatically be applied.

For accounts that are exceptions, such as when you are overriding an event (i.e. using Contact ID event E140 or SIA event BA as a Fire), you must enter an event and global dispatch instruction on the zone page.

When making changes to existing zone lists in the Dealer Portal, you will now see a special reminder about the new method. Click here to see how this will look in your accounts.

To begin using the new zone entry method, please call Account Management at 800.296.9000.