Is your email inbox overflowing? We can help.

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Is your email inbox overflowing? We can help.

Daily Activity Reports can help solve the problem. These reports can be set up to run automatically and arrive before you start your day. They show all signals from your accounts over the previous 24 hours and can replace individual account notifications that sometimes get buried in your mailbox.

Call the Account Management Team at 800.296.9000 for help setting up your custom reports, or follow these simple steps:

1. Sign into and click the “Report” tab

2. Select “Event History”

3. Indicate the account range

4. Specify the report time frame and event types you would like included

5. Click “Request Report” to run it now or “Schedule Report” to create a recurring emailed report

Click here or call us today at 800.296.9000 to learn more about custom report options.