Portal Updates – February 2020

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Portal Updates – February 2020

Thank you for using the Affiliated Portal! We’ve recently made updates to improve your experience that we would like to share with you.

New Feature

  • Agencies and Permits Report

    We now have a report that will show you all of your accounts with the agencies and any permits. (There will be three or more rows per account.) This is available on the Reports tab.

Fixes & Improvements

  • “undefined” Contact List Issue

    There was an issue with the Contacts page where saving a new contact or a change to an existing contact created an “undefined” list. This should no longer happen.

  • Future Time Zone Issue

    There was a problem viewing Event History, RealStream, or SignalStream for accounts in time zones further ahead than the Eastern Time Zone. This has been fixed, so you can now see the future with ease.

  • Account Event History AM/PM Formatting

    If you export Event History after running it on an account page, the date/time will now be in 24-hour format or show AM/PM, so events get sorted in the order they actually happened.

  • Signal Number Transfer History Deletion Issue

    Performing a signal number transfer using the Add/Change System feature should no longer interfere with the history on the target system. It should resemble a normal transfer in that sense.

  • Linked System Information Issues

    There were some problems with the System Information display when toggling between linked systems. Those should be resolved.

  • Improvements to Updating FTO/FTC Events

    To put it shortly, changes you make to Early/Late Open/Close Windows, Irregular Open Events, and FTO/FTC Events will be more reliable.

  • Overnight Schedule Programming

    We made it so all open and close fields are available when setting up a schedule. This should make it easier to create, edit, or remove an overnight schedule. Please review any changes carefully before submitting.

  • Zones Instructions Display Issue

    The Portal was displaying confusing information or blanks for some instructions. Now, it should display the right information.

  • Duplicate Passcode Error

    The Portal will now tell you when you are duplicating a passcode. No more infinite circle.

  • Call Notifications Set to Only Issue

    Due to a recent improvement to how the call notifications settings on contacts work, some users were having problems saving edits to contacts with no call notifications settings. This has been fixed.

  • Auto-Notify Display Issue

    When adding auto-notifications to a contact, the Contacts page will immediately reflect that the contact is on the Auto Notify list.

Affiliated’s software development team is the largest in our industry and we love making our tools better to help you run your businesses better.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to Account Management at 800‑434‑4000 x 3810 or by email.

Thank you for partnering with us!

– Affiliated Account Management