Use Daily Activity Reports to Stop Inbox Overload

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Use Daily Activity Reports to Stop Inbox Overload

Daily Activity Reports can help you keep an eye on your accounts and avoid an onslaught of email notifications all day.

You can set up a recurring report to be waiting for you each morning showing activity on all your accounts for the previous 24 hours. These reports can replace the real-time email notifications for each account that often get buried in your inbox.

You may choose the type of activity you want to view on these reports, such as failed test timers, low batteries or other trouble and supervisory signals. Here’s how to set up your reports:

  • Click the Report tab at the top of your home screen.
  • Click Event History and scroll to the bottom to “schedule report.”
  • Choose a name for your report and select Daily from the dropdown. (Check off Sunday if you want reports seven days a week.)
  • Make sure your email address populates.
  • Click Edit to choose the event codes you want to see on your reports.  (You may choose to receive reports in PDF or Excel format at the bottom.)
  • Save Changes.

If you need assistance, please call Account Management at 800.296.9000.