Moving Your Accounts

Moving Your Accounts

Do you feel you’re paying too much or not getting the service you need from your current monitoring center? Do you feel like they offered you a low price and you are now getting nickle-and-dimed with every invoice? Are you tired of dealing with an out-of-date monitoring center?

Affiliated Monitoring offers a wide range of solutions to meet all of your monitoring needs.


Integrated with all leading Home Automation providers

Affiliated Monitoring tightly integrates with all of the major interactive service providers allowing you to offer your customers all of the latest features including remote arming, temperature control and real-time system activity alerts.

Interactive Services

Video Monitoring

Increase RMR with Video Verification


  • Offer a unique service that marries video and burglar alarms – now your customer can see WHY their alarm went off.
  • Set yourself apart from those who only install video systems without enhanced services.
  • Receive an RMR premium from customers while strengthening your relationship and reducing attrition.
  • Video verification is the must have feature on every video system.

AlertMessage Priority Group Chat

Reduce false alarms and improve alarm response


Exclusive to Affiiated, AlertMessage® helps customers quickly respond to alarm events based on the reality of how people live their lives. Instant text notifications from AlertMessage will allow for a better response in real alarm situations and reduce false alarms.

  • Group chat with your entire call list
  • One button alarm cancellation
  • Real-time updates of account activity while chatting

Dealer and End User Apps

Powerful suite of mobile tools

Dealer and Technician App

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Put accounts on test and view events in realtime
  • eContract App lets you sign up customers quickly from any tablet or phone

App Store

Play Store

PERS Monitoring

Best in class response from our dedicated PERS Agents

PERS Monitoring

  • Monitoring more types of in-home and mobile PERS devices than any other company.
    • In Home Landline
    • In Home Cellular
    • Mobile with GPS
    • Fall Detection
    • Telehealth
  • Business intelligence reporting on growth, attrition, activation and customer behavior
  • Web and mobile tools for you and your customers
    • PERS-specific dealer portal
    • Access a real-time list of customers needing intervention
    • Caregiver app to view contact lists and emergency activity

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