Add a Subscription Model to Your IoT Offering

Using Live Agent Monitoring to Grow Your Business

If you’re hunting for a subscription revenue model for your IoT business, Affiliated Monitoring can help. Affiliated’s professionally trained live agents can respond to a trigger from any connected device and will follow your custom protocol to reach out to your customers, their loved ones and local emergency services.

Affiliated works with hundreds of smart home, security, health and other IoT businesses. With Affiliated API’s you can be up and running in less than one sprint.

  • Add value to new or existing monthly subscription models
  • Easy integration using Affiliated API’s
  • Specially-trained TMA-Certified Monitoring Agents in our UL-Listed Monitoring Center
  • Custom protocols to meet your specific needs
  • Robust analytics and reporting

Download the case study to see how we helped a connected car startup turn an idea into a thriving business.

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