PERS Monitoring

PERS Monitoring

Affiliated Monitoring offers the most comprehensive set of PERS monitoring services available.

Affiliated is the leading provider of PERS monitoring, combining best in class monitoring agents with cutting edge tools to help you serve the growing senior market.

PERS monitoring requires a unique understanding of the needs of seniors and their loved ones. Affiliated has a dedicated team of PERS operators, supervisors and trainers and unlike other monitoring centers, Affiliated PERS operators exclusively handle PERS calls.

Monitored Devices

productsAffiliated monitors more types of in-home and mobile PERS devices than any other company. The range of PERS devices allows you and your customers to always choose the solution that best meets the needs of the end user and their loved ones.

Affiliated supports both a bring your own device framework while also offering a variety of affordable device purchase options.

Business Intelligence
reportsRun your business smarter with reporting on growth, attrition, activation and customer behavior. Reports can be delivered via email or downloaded on demand from the Affiliated Portal.
Business Intelligence data includes the summary data needed to see trends and the customer level details to drive specific customer interventions.



Web and Mobile Tools
toolsAffiliated offers a robust suite of management tools to give you and your customers the information they need. Our redesigned Dealer Portal is optimized for PERS dealers providing easy access to account information, one-click reports and customers needing intervention.
In addition, the Affiliated PERS Caregiver App gives caregivers and loved ones the ability to view contact lists and emergency activity.